Monday, 23 September 2019


HI All

We did say in our previous message that there would be food trucks at school on Wednesday but this was incorrect. However, the coffee shop will be open.
Tracy and Kirsty

Friday, 20 September 2019

Wednesday 25th September - ARTs Finale Day

Hi All,

Next Wednesday 25th Septemeber Wai-iti children are performing a show at 11.45am in the school hall. Following this will be a shared lunch with food trucks available and the coffee shop open.

We welcome you to come along and enjoy our end of term ARTs learning, we are also combining with Inaka children.

See you at 11:45am.

Kirsty and Tracy

Thursday, 19 September 2019

PTA - Arty Antics

Arty Antics

If any parents are still keen to come along to our first ever adult painting evening on Friday night, there are still some tickets available. $50 each via eventbrite (just search eventbrite and then search 'arty antics' to purchase tickets). You can BYO wine/drinks/nibbles and the PTA are providing non alcoholic beverages. Everything you need to create your own painting, canvas, paints etc are all included and no prior arty skills needed - you'll be taken step by step through creating your own masterpiece by the tutor. 

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Mufti Day this Friday 20th September

Hello All,

This Friday we are having a black and white mufti day to support our Chess Team heading up North to complete.

Please wear black and white clothes and bring a gold coin donation.


Monday, 16 September 2019


Hi All,

Due to ongoing issues with Beyblades at lunchtimes, we are only having them on a Friday. We are spending valuable learning time trying to sort out many issues and this is not fair on other children.

Thank you for your support.

Kirsty and Tracy


As you know we are busy preparing for our Arts Finale. We are in need of some props so would appreciate your help. We need:
1 or 2 small lawnmowers or a small rake
3 small nets that could be used as fishing nets
2 Garden trowels.
Many thanks.
Tracy and Kirsty

Sunday, 15 September 2019

SCHOOL PHOTOS - This Wednesday 18th September

Just a reminder we are having school photos this Wednesday at school.

If you would like a sibling photo please arrange this following the instructions in last weeks Newsletter.

Week 9 - wow only 2 weeks left of Term 3!

Hello All,

This week we are working hard to present our ARTs show to you all in Week 10. Therefore we will not be having instructional reading groups. Instead, your child will choose a familiar book from a browsing box each day to share with someone at home. Please read this story to your child or share the reading with them.

If your child has not brought in their clothes for the show please do so asap. We want to trial dressing up in our clothes this week. Thank you to all those children who have brought in their clothes so far. If you are struggling with this please let us know.

Here is a sample of photos from last week's learning:
Mitchell and Matt in a silent battle. Go Mitchell!!

Claire and Phoebe learning the ropes with Chess.

Matteo was very proud of his card castle.

Our lego team always working on a challenge - Robbie, Miller, Matteo and Louis P.

Willa and Kaia sharing their puppet show project.

Sofia and Sasha performing a dance in front of Wai-iti, what a wonderful project idea, so brave girls!

Matteo and Louis with friends, sharing their project idea. 
Lego puppets with a theatre, we love your creativity boys!

Friday, 13 September 2019


We would like to warmly invite you and your family and friends to our end of term Arts Finale. It's on Wednesday 25 September at 11.45am till 12.30pm in the hall. There will be singing, dancing, drama and a story. Feel free to stay on for lunch. Coffee shop will be open and food truck will be on hand for your dietary pleasure!!
Kind Regards
Tracy and Kirsty

Dogs in the corridor outside our classroom

Hi All

Sue Howard, Kirsty and myself have been discussing the areas outside our classrooms in the morning. It's a busy old place! If you bring your dog to school we would appreciate it if you didn't bring them down the outside corridor of our classrooms. There are a number of hazards such as scooters, ripsticks, small children, siblings and it is very crowded and not an ideal situation for your pets. We feel this is a health and safety issue and appreciate your help with this.

Many thanks
Tracy, Kirsty and Sue


The calendar art is ready for viewing in Wai-iti. The children's work has been put into clear files on the top of the grey box where the i-pads live. The children's work is in the folders in alphabetical order.
Tracy and Kirsty

Tuesday, 10 September 2019


Lots of the children tell us they have no poetry book or it's at home. Can you please check that your child has found their poetry book and put it in their bag for tomorrow. We are only working on poems this week and they will need their poetry book at school everyday. If they can't find their book please buy a new one.
Tracy and Kirsty

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Help Needed with our Calendar Art

If you have a spare hour this week please let Tracy or myself know. We are need of 2-3parents who can work with 2 children at a time to help them complete their Calendar Art.

Any day or time, we are happy to work in with whatever suits.

Thank you in advance.

Kirsty and Tracy

Week 8 - No reading books this week, poetry each day instead.

Hi All,

This week we are working hard on our Calendar Art and preparing for our Arts Finale. We will be sending home a Poem each day instead of taking instructional reading groups.
Thanks for your understanding.

Kirsty and Tracy

The Arts Finale

The Term 3 Arts Finale is in production for Wai-iti. You will have received on Friday a notice asking for some items of clothing to be sent to school. Please check your child's bag.
Many thanks
Tracy and Kirsty

Monday, 2 September 2019

We love the enthusiasm of our Wai-iti learners

Phoebe and Lilly took on the challenge of creating A Pirate's Island with lego. Well done girls!!

Matteo has been working hard on his Igloo Project.

Quin, Mitchell, Chase and Josef worked together to create a treehouse fort with the blocks. Great team work boys!!

Sunday, 1 September 2019

Week 7 2nd September

Hi All,

We hope you have enjoyed the beautiful weather over the weekend.

New routine:

-please remind your child to bring in their fruit break each morning and place this in the fruit box by the door, thank you for your support with this
-also remind them to bring in their reading folder and drink bottle each morning as well

Thank you

Kirsty and Tracy