Friday, 30 August 2019

Poetry Today

Your children will not be bringing home a poem today........we had a party for Brayden instead!!
Thanks for understanding.
Tracy and Kirsty


Mitre10 Sausage Sizzle
**Help needed please**
This is our last turn running the BBQ at Mitre 10 on Sunday 8th September.
Please, please, please we need volunteers to help with the BBQ it will only be an hour of your time (between 9am- 4pm)
Contact Megan on if you can help. Thanks

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Brayden's Morning Tea

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the day for Brayden's Morning Tea. A small plate of healthy food is all that is needed and if your child has a dietary requirement please label their plate so we know to keep it separate.
Tracy and Kirsty

Monday, 26 August 2019

Brayden moving to Auckland

Brayden's last day at Waimairi is Friday. He has asked if he could have a special morning tea with his friends in Wai-iti. So on Friday could your child please bring a small plate of food and we will put them all together to have a shared morning tea. If your child has a special dietary requirement can you please label their plate so we know to keep it separate.
Many thanks
Tracy and Kirsty

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Lunch boxes in school bags.

Hello All,

Just a slight change next week with your child's lunchbox. We are going to trial all children leaving their lunch box in their school bag.

They still need to bring in their drink bottle and some fruit for our fruit break. Please put your child's fruit in a named container.

Thank you

Kirsty and Tracy

Monday, 19 August 2019

Music Hour - Tuesday 10 September

This is a notice for any children who learn an instrument at Waimairi School.

Music Hour

Waimairi's 2019 Music Hour will be held at Bryndwr Chapel on Idris Road on Tuesday 10 September at 6pm.  This is a chance for student's learning an instrument at school to perform for their families.  If your child is involved, you should have received a notice from your child's music teacher.  If you have any questions about this event, please contact Katie Lord

Farewell to our lovely Sarah - Canada awaits!

This Wednesday at 2.45pm we are saying farewell to Sarah in the school hall. If anyone wishes to attend you are more then welcome. Sarah and her family are off to Canada and we wish them all the best.

Sarah will be hugely missed in Wai-iti.

Sunday, 18 August 2019

Wonderful learning in Wai-iti

A selection of photos from both our Project and Learning Choices time:

Teamwork from Sarah, Olivia and Leaella.

Underwater marble race, well done Mikey and Jalen, what a fantastic Project idea.

Spots and Stripes have found a new home. Amazing lego building lead by Miller and his team of merry men.

We love your giant pencil Mia.

Sofia's beanie boo house with spa pool and sandpit included.

Thomas and Mia creating a masterpiece with the shapes.

Kaia is very proud of her ice cream art project and her owl sewing project.

Willa designed a delicious looking ice cream with a unicorn on the top. We love your ideas Willa!

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Reading today

Hi All

Some children will need to read their book from yesterday for tonights reading as they do not have a reading book from today or alternatively some reading of their own.

Many thanks
Tracy and Kirsty

Monday, 12 August 2019

Week 4 - 12th August

Hello All,

Wow, nearly halfway through the term. We hope you have kept warm and dry over the weekend, especially if you are a sporting parent and had to stand in the freezing rain on Saturday morning!! Brrr!!

Can you please remind your child to return their Poetry Book every Monday to the box in the classroom?

That's all for now, have a great week.

Kirsty and Tracy

Friday, 9 August 2019


Hi All

Please check your child's head as it has been reported that there is headlice in the class and in the school.

Many thanks
Tracy and Kirsty

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Kirsty being away.

Dear All

As you may already know Kirsty has been away ill this week. She has vertigo and if you have suffered from it you will know how ill it makes you feel.  We have had Tracey Maloney with us for the week so there has been consistency in the classroom. As long as Kirsty is feeling better she will be back with us on Monday. Thank you for your understanding.

Tracy and Kirsty

Monday, 5 August 2019

Cleaner needed for 20 minutes one afternoon

Evening All,

If there is any kind person who could give up 20 minutes of their time one afternoon cleaning our paintbrushes and paint dishes we would be hugely appreciative.

As we have no hot water in Wai-iti this will need to be done in the hall kitchen and we can't use the kitchen in the mornings due to our River Cafe.

Huge thank you in advance...

Kirsty and Tracy

Ice cream containers or similar needed in Wai-iti

Hi All,

When you finish your yummy ice cream at home could you send along your containers for use in Wai-iti or any similar-sized container?

Thanks very much,

Kirsty and Tracy

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Week 3 - 5th August

Last week Wai-iti had a fabulous week planning, creating and sharing a wide range of projects. We are amazed at the standard of projects being created by our Year 1-2 children.

Here are some examples:

-paper mache animals, tennis balls, ice creams
-singing a song in front of Wai-iti
-sharing soccer skills with a small group
-making puppets
-making a jewel boat
-ice cream artwork
-sewing teddies

the list goes on...

Please ask your child what project they are currently working on and if they haven't started one yet they might like to come with some ideas this week.

We also had a fun Friday afternoon recreating the sounds a stream makes with musical instruments and also through drama. This links in with our learning this term - using drama, music and dance we will share our message of 'caring for our streams'.

Sofia's Molly Project

Playing sounds of our streams.

Recreating our streams.

Ready to perform.

Go Wai-iti!

Mia very proud of her paper mache ice cream. Chocolate yum!

Mufti day Tuesday 6 August

Hola amigos! 

Eli Stoddart and the student council have organised a Mexican Fiesta themed mufti day for this coming Tuesday August 6th. Students are encouraged to dress in  bright colours or costumes, as if they're attending a Mexican fiesta! Gold coin donations will contribute towards the Stoddart family's fundraising efforts.  

Muchas gracias! :)