Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Just to clarify!!

There seems to be some confusion over our request for no toys at school. The children are allowed beyblades and pokemon cards on Friday but no other toys please.
Tracy and Kirsty

Sunday, 28 July 2019

A selection of photos from our lego fun day last week.

A busy first week in Wai-iti

We were very impressed with the children who came into the term with Project ideas and got stuck in planning, making and sharing. Well done Wai-iti!

A small selection of photos: (we were too busy to take photos with all the amazing learning going on...)

Ava's mask project.

Well done Mia, Aleigha and Sarah for recreating our Groynes stream activities.

Matteo got creative with cards. We had to be quick before the wind blew them over.

Arlo and Hayley had lost of fun creating their own lego house complete with bunk beds. 
Very cosy looking!

Lots of busy children in Wai-iti writing cards to their friends telling them all about their school holidays.

Term 3 Week 2 2019

We had a great start to the term and the children have slipped back into our routines effortlessly. 

If you have any spare newspapers lying around we would love to have them. We have a rush on paper  maiche at the moment so newspaper is in hot demand. 

Many thanks to those of you who have already put your name to a week. The roster is on the board above the children's bags. Both jobs are very easy to do but are a wonderful support. 

We have the same rule as last term regarding Pokemon cards. Friday is the day the children can bring them and we have a basket for them to put them in. Please ensure the cards are in a named plastic bag.

Please no toys, soft toys, treasures to be bought to be in bags or at school. If it's been a birthday and your child wants to share a present you've got them then thats perfectly O.K. and the teachers will look after it during the day but toys at school or in their bags are a distraction.

If you have a skill or know of a family member or friend who has a skill in music, dance or drama we would love to hear from them. We are carrying on our theme from last terms science and looking at streams and their care and how we can get our message out using music, dance and drama. 
It's going to be fun!!

Hope you all have a good week.
Tracy and Kirsty

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Term 3 Week 1 - 22 July

Hello All,

We hope you had a lovely, relaxing holiday and kept warm and dry.

Welcome back to Term 3, wow halfway through the year already.

This term we are learning through The Arts, this will involve a mixture of dance, drama and music.

We are lucky enough to start the day tomorrow with 'House of Bricks' coming to Waimairi School. Each learning space will have a time slot to create and make with lego in the school hall.

Enjoy the first week back,

Kirsty and Tracy

Wednesday, 3 July 2019



Help Arlo save the Kakapo. Wear green and bring a gold coin donation.

Remember he has the lolly competition on outside the hall. Gold coin donation as well.

See you in all your greenness tomorrow!!