Sunday, 9 June 2019

Welcome to Week 7

Winter is definitely here with much lower temperatures. If the weather is fine we do have outside play so a warm coat is really important. Please send a warm coat or jersey everyday so the children can play outside.

Science and Matariki
It's....Stars, Science and Soup! On Monday 1 July the whole school will be celebrating Matariki and our Science learning for the term. You will be able to visit our classrooms to look at our Term 2 science learning, find out about the matariki stars and keep warm with hot soup.  More details to come soon.

Talking of Science learning...We are going to be making dioramas of a stream. We do need little rocks and blue cellophane. So if you have any at home please send them to school.

Talking of Dioramas...We have a trip in Week 9 to The Groynes. It's called "Freshwater Frolicking" and it's run by the Christchurch City Council. We will be calling for parent help soon so please keep an eye on the blog.

Mufti Day
Hello we are the student council, on Tuesday the 11 of June we are having a mufti day to fundraise for the City Mission. To wear mufti instead of a gold coin you will need to bring one of these items. Any types of canned food, pasta and rice, veggies, cookies and desserts and sanitary/toiletry items. Make sure they are not opened. Please take these items to your class and we will come and pick them up. Thank you

Chocolate Sales
Keep the chocolate money/ bars coming in.  If you have a partial box and can’t sell further, that is fine, If you want more to sell Andrea Kempthorne will redistribute them.  The  aim is to have it all sold by the 12th June.  So far the sales are going really well and we will be close to hitting our $9000-$10 000 target.

Have a good week.
Tracy and Kirsty

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