Monday, 24 June 2019


Emma Stoddart has been teaching at Waimairi School for 10 years, and is mother to Eli (in Keruru) and Jacob (now at Heaton.) She has Multiple Sclerosis and has made the very hard decision to get HSCT done - a stem cell transplant. She and her husband Chris, are going to Mexico in September and will spend a month undergoing some extensive treatments including a full course of chemotherapy. The hope is that this will stop the disease progressing any further. Emma will not be able to work for about a year. It is expected that the cost of this will be over $100,000.
Waimairi School wants to support Emma and Chris in anyway with their fundraising efforts.

There are a few ways you can help:
• drop a donation into the office
• donate something to be made into raffles (chocolates, wine, non -perishable goods
for example)
• donate a voucher or similar that could be auctioned

As part of their fundraising, they are having a Fiesta! Drinks, food, raffles, auctions, music,
dancing and fun! 16th August, 7pm. Tickets will be on sale soon. Please, tell all your friends and family.

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