Sunday, 24 February 2019


We already have 3 weeks behind us this term..where has that time gone!

The class blog is proving to be a big hit with the children and they love seeing themselves up on the T.V. doing their thing! You can sign up your email address into the "follow by email"link on the blog, follow the instructions and then you'll receive all our blog news via email.

The children are beginning to get the hang of the routines in Wai-it and the names of their reading and writing groups. It is important that your child puts their books away in the morning so that they learn where they go and where they need to go in class to get them. Kirsty and I are happy to help them with this.

As the children are now eating in the class 'restaurant' for morning tea and lunch time we think the tables need to be cleaned every second day. We have cloths and spray and wipe so just need a strong right arm or left to give the tables a clean at the end of the day on Monday and Wednesday. We will do Friday. We are happy for you to come and do this during class time while we are cleaning up and winding down for the day so you can leave with your child at 3.00pm. We have a roster right beside our table and we would really appreciate your help with this.

Reading books will be left in your child's reading folder for the week. The idea is that the children reread these books with you or by themselves. The books will be collected each Monday and will be ready to be put away from Monday afternoon onwards. Thank you to the parents who have said they are available to put the books away. Your help is very much appreciated. If you would like to be part of the roster just put your name on the Reading Book Roster that is by our table.

If Kirsty or I have CRT release the children will have a poem that day as well as on the Friday. Please return the poetry books the following school day.

Monday-lunchtime swim for any Year 1-2 children
Tuesday-Class swim at 2.15pm
Friday-Class swim at 1.30pm

The children have been very good at looking after their own things...a few missing sunhats and the occassional set of googles. However, if you are looking for lost property it can be located in the big brown box outside the hall or in the box next to the swimming pool toilets. Please cross out old names if it is a hand-me-down or purchased from the 2nd hand uniform shop as it will then be returned to the right classroom. Biro works really well and only needs a touch up now and again.

There are a number of fundraisers coming up in the near future. Please check the school newsletter for details. Lots of fun things ahead for our community.

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Some more photos from Week 2.

Week 2 photos

Here is a sample of photos from last week.

We are focusing on Quality and Detail when completing activities and below are some great examples of this:

Look out for all children's self-portraits displayed in the coming weeks.
They are currently a work in progress, this is our first draft.

Week 3 Reminders

Monday - lunchtime swim for any Year 1-2 children
Tuesday - class swim at 2.15pm
Friday - class swim at 1.30pm

Reading Folders
This week your child will bring home a reading book each day in their reading folder. Please help remind your child to return this each morning into the reading box. All reading books will be collected in on a Monday morning ready for the new week.

We encourage you to have fun with reading at home. Your child will have read this book at school with the teacher. If they are tired some days feel free to share the story with them or read the story to them.
Any questions just ask.

School Hats
Please check your child has their school hat every day. Many children last week couldn't find their school hats. We have a lost property box outside the school hall. After every break, we remind all children to put their school hat inside their school bag.

We also have sunscreen which we help the children apply at the start of our breaks.

Fruit Break
Thank you to all those families who are providing their child with fruit/veges for our fruit break time. Every day at 9.30am we eat our fruit and have a big drink of water.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Whanau wall - Family photos wanted!!

We are creating a special 'Whanau wall' in Wai-iti and we would love everyone to supply a family photo that we can display.

Feel free to email the photo's to us or drop them into us. Thank you for your support with this.


You may have already heard about Spots and Stripes our resident Cheetah and Tiger soft toys and part of the incentive programme for Wai-iti. The children are given them each night to take home and write a story about their adventures together for the night. They are a much sort after reward and they are given out by Kirsty and I for behaviours that we want to promote in the classroom. It is not turn taking as far as the children are concerned but of course we will ensure that everyone has a turn. A short story, either written by the children or dictated to you to write, and a picture if you have time is all that is required. It does not need to be a photo it can be drawn by the children or not depending on what's happening in your family at the time. Enjoy the fun and stories!
Tracy and Kirsty

Monday, 11 February 2019

Music Lessons

Most music lessons start this week.  If you have not signed your child up, but still wish to, it is not too late.  
There is space for Y2 children to learn recorder. 
There is space for Y3-6 children to learn recorder, oboe, clarinet, guitar, piano, singing, keyboard, cello, violin, flute, brass. 
If interested, please email

Thursday 14th February - Meet the Teacher Evening

WHĀNAU GET TOGETHER-Fish ’n Chips at Edgar Macintosh Park - 5:30 to 6:30pm Thursday 14th Feb
Because we LOVE teaching your children so much, we would like a little slice of your Valentines Day and invite you to a ‘Fish ’n Chips at the park’ event for our river : Kānuka (that’s us), Pātiki (that’s R20 and R22 - Sue Howard and Carling Thistle) and Wai-iti (that’s R18/19 - Tracy Campbell and Kirsty Hay).  
It is to be held at Edgar Macintosh Park (on Condell Avenue), at the playground. BYO dinner - it doesn’t have to be Fish ’n Chips. There is a paddling pool, so bring along the togs too if you like. This is a wonderful chance to meet us, other families and for children to connect with other children in our river. We look forward to seeing you there.

Sunday, 10 February 2019

First Week Photos

Here is a selection of photos of our first week in Wai-iti. Enjoy!

Fantastic First Week

We have had a great first week in Wai-iti. We have been focusing on getting to know our new space, learning routines, making new friends and of course having fun!

The children may have shared stories about our 'class animals', called Spots and Stripes. Each day we will choose 2 children to take home an animal. The animal comes with a writing book, please help your child to write a story about their adventures and either draw or stick in photos. If your child is still learning to write you can write for them.

This week children will continue to bring home a different Poem each day. Please remind them to hand in their Poetry books each morning as they arrive. Instructional Reading will start Week 3.

Tuesday and Friday are our class swimming days. Children can also choose to swim on a Monday at lunchtime which is supervised by Mr Anderson. Please check your child is wearing shoes they can take off and put on by themselves.

We are currently trialling different ways to fit our 'fruit break' time in each morning. Please continue to bring fruit break each day and keep it in your child's lunch box.

Due to our different structure at play and lunchtimes, the children are now playing first and eating after. Some children are extra hungry at morning tea, you may wish to provide them with an extra sandwich or something equivalent.

Please continue to ask questions or email us with any queries.

We are both available from 8.30am onwards each morning to meet and greet you in Wai-iti.

Thursday, 7 February 2019

School Hat Reminder

School Hats 
Please check the cupboards, under beds... wide brimmed blue hats are to be worn every day in Term 1. We expect all students to be wearing their hat as part of our sun protection and developing healthy habits programmes. Hats can be purchased from Warehouse Stationary, Schooltex Aussie Style Hat for $18 or from Mainland Uniforms Ilam for $12. 
Many thanks

Wednesday, 6 February 2019


We're delighted to welcome you to the new year in Wai-iti. We have given out a paper copy of our first newsletter outlining routines and requests for the start of the year. Let us know if you can't find it! 

We wanted you all to know a little bit about us so we've shared some things below. Kirsty Hay would like the children to call her Kirsty and I like to be called Mrs Campbell by the children but happy for parents to call me Tracy. We are also very lucky this year to have teacher-aide Matt Robinson joining us each morning. He's happy to be called Matt.

My name is Kirsty Hay and I have been teaching for over 16 years at a variety of levels and schools. I am very lucky to be teaching at Waimairi School. I thoroughly enjoy the supportive families and amazing staff and of course the enthusiastic children.

I live with my husband Pete and our two boys, Angus is 11 and has just started Intermediate and Quinn is 9 and in Year 5. As a family, we are very busy with lots of sports, including rugby, soccer, basketball, cricket and I even manage to play hockey each week too.

We enjoy lots of camping throughout the year and we spend lots of time with our extended family too.

I am looking forward to getting to know you and your family this year, please don't hesitate to email or come and see either Tracy or myself with any queries.

 A very warm welcome to you all.  This is my nineth year at Waimairi as a teacher but many years ago I was a parent at Waimairi and it has always had a wonderfully supportive community.  

I did my teaching degree when my children were young. My husband Michael feels he trained as a teacher also as he is often roped into cutting out, hammering nails, drilling screws, painting… you get the picture!

We have three grown children. Helen is 26 and a dentist, Matt is 25 and a project manager and Nathan is 23 and in the process of applying for the New Zealand Police. Helen has her first home so we are often helping out there. Matt and Nathan are keen basketballers so don’t be surprised if some basketball stories come home from time to time.

Every year I say my goal is to improve my golf swing but actually it’s to develop a golf swing. I’ll let you know how that works out for me! As Kirsty said we’re really looking forward to getting to know your children and your family and our door is always open.

Hello my name is Matthew but everyone calls me Matt. I have been a teacher aide at Waimari for a year and a half. I’m originally from England and I really love being a part of the Waimairi Community. My two sons also attend our school. I’m really looking forward to this year watching our amazing rebuild and working with Kirsty and Tracy! In my spare time I enjoy watching Football and Cricket, reading, listening to my vinyl collection and cooking for my family and friends. I can also be found riding my mountain bike from time to time.

Many thanks
Kirsty, Tracy and Matt